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image1 Scott McDaniels, Crew and the 'REAL' Sea Adventure 80, will be fishing 1.5 day,  2 day,  2.5 day,  3 day and 4 day trips from H&M Landing, Fish with the Real Fish Studs on the "REAL'  Sea Adventure 80. H&M Landing is ideally located and is a fishing hub for many trips from ½ and ¾ day to 3 days. Spring time The 2.5 days trips on the Sea Adventure 80 include food, please check the details. Most trips depart early in the evening and return early in the morning. The Sea Adventure 80 will be fishing for Rock Cod (deep water), Rock Fish (shallow water) and when the conditions are right; we will fish for White Sea Bass, Yellowtail and Calico Bass. Many of the longer trips will be fishing at 2 different areas. We will travel from one area to another at night. We may fish Point Colnett 1st day and San Martin Island the 2nd day or we may fish San Martin Island the 1st day and the Baja coast or the Coronado Islands the 2nd day depending on which areas are biting the best. The targeted area or Island will be decided by the previous week’s fish counts to insure the best chances for quality fish. Areas to be targeted: San Martin Island, Santa Tomas, Punta Piedras, Point Colnett, Punta Camalu, San Quentin, Punta Baja, and Punta San Carlos.. Each of these areas has unique conditions and produces many types of fish. Make sure to bring a few rods, from long rods to strong deep water rods. Don’t forget to bring a camera, rubber boots, and 2 jackets. Make sure to bring a big cooler for your fish and fillets. Leave your cooler in your car or truck while you are out fishing, but make sure to have one so you can take home your fresh fish.


"Just a note to thank you for a wonderful day of fishing. Bill and I enjoyed every minute of it. It was such a pleasure to be on beautiful boat, with state of the art rigging and a professional charter captain. We will definitely be using your services again and will recommend you to our friends."