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San Diego Whale WatchingDo you really see whales? Yes. Gray whales are seen during winter months off the coast of San Diego and offshore banks. We have also seen finback, humpback, Minke, orcas, and false killer whales. We also see a lot of other marine mammals including sea lions, seals and dolphins which include: Rissos, commons, and white sided. Our captains will also highlight other wildlife as we see them, such as various fish, and a variety of sea birds. What day of the week is better? Weekends are always busier than weekdays, but no matter which trip you choose the passenger compliment aboard is comfortable. How far will we cruise into the ocean? Trips will generally travel offshore as far as the nine-mile bank in U.S. waters and as far as the Coronado Islands, located 14 miles south in Mexican waters. Should I make reservations? Reservations are highly recommended since we often sell out. Reservations can be made online with a credit card. Are your boats handicap accessible? Our boats can accommodate passengers in manual wheel chairs. The crew will carry the passenger aboard and then the wheelchair. Electric wheelchairs cannot be accommodated as they are too heavy for the crew to handle. Using the on-board restrooms can present problems. Are there any age restrictions on the cruises? Children need to be at least 2 years old and 35 pounds. Minor children require adult supervision at all times. How should I dress? We suggest dressing in layers as it can be much cooler on the ocean than on land. Consider wearing a t-shirt, sweatshirt with hood, and a windbreaker or a heavy jacket, long pants, rubber soled shoes, hat, gloves and scarf. Other suggested items include sunscreen, sunglasses, binoculars and camera. Where do we depart and what time should I be there?Cruises depart from H&M Landing at 2803 Emerson St. in Point Loma on San Diego Bay. Plan to arrive at least 45 minutes prior to departure to park and check in. Once you have checked in at the H&M office you will given boarding passes and directed down the dock to your boat. Where should I park? There is parking available in two public parking lots near H&M Landing. The lot directly in front of the Landing at Emerson and Scott Street is $8 per 24-hour period. Another lot across North Harbor Drive is available at $8 per day credit card or coin. In case both lots are full, street parking is available. Please read parking signs carefully for any time limitations. Can I bring food or drink on board? For your convenience, our boats offer food service and beverages on for sale. You are welcome to bring your own food and beverages if you choose, but no ice chests, coolers or alcohol are allowed aboard. What happens if it rains? Our cruises are cancelled due to overall weather conditions (including wind and sea conditions) and not just rain. Many times, we will still go out when it rains. If we cancel due to weather conditions. Decisions to cancel are made by our captain on the morning of the scheduled cruise. We will make every attempt to contact you ahead of time at the phone number(s) we have on file for you. Will I get seasick? If you tend to have a problem with motion sickness, you may experience seasickness. However, many of our guests experience no discomfort at all. You can pick up an over-the-counter medicine at any drug store or you can purchase Bonine at the H&M Landing ticket counter. We recommend getting your doctors advice if you have any health concerns. Point Loma Are there life preservers on board? Yes, Each vessel is 100% Coast-Guard inspected and certified and carries life preservers (including child life vests for 35 pounds and over) and life-saving equipment for all aboard. Is there a phone on board that receives calls? We do not have phone service on board. You may be able to receive cell service depending on your carrier. You may be entering international waters and roaming charges could apply. Is there anything else I need to know? The U.S. Coast Guard requires all passengers to have valid photo identification. Please make sure to have your photo ID available at boarding.